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On-Page SEO Checklist 2015

The on-page SEO checklist has been specifically designed for our new SEO scan tool. With this tool you can check the SEO score for your website and make improvements where needed based on the advice that the tool generates. The tool focuses primarily on the layout and structure of your website. Points are included for […]


iWebmaster Tools 4.0 is Out Now!

You spoke, and we listened. Thanks to your detailed reviews, we’ve added some great new features to iWebmaster Tools 4.0. As requested, you can now save domains within the app and use them on all tools, without typing them in again. And, we’ve also added the option to save SEO reports in PDF format, which you […]

Even here, in the US, factory work is considered the worst

Even here, in the US, factory work is considered the worst

I’ve gotta agree about the cord vs extra fabric flap conundrum. I’ll take the cord anyway after trying the Byborre collab. That extra flap sticks STRAIGHT OUT the back like I’ve got a damn dorsal fin coming out of my neck. Especially when I stop and think about the people making these things. Of course […]