iWebmaster Tools 4.0 is Out Now!


iWebmaster Tools 4.0 is Out Now!


You spoke, and we listened.

Thanks to your detailed reviews, we’ve added some great new features to iWebmaster Tools 4.0. As requested, you can now save domains within the app and use them on all tools, without typing them in again.

And, we’ve also added the option to save SEO reports in PDF format, which you can then print or email from the SEO Report Tool.

Your reviews are very important to us, as they help improve our app with more tools and features. Please let us know, what else you’d like by sending us your feedback.

iWebmaster Tools 4.0 has also been revamped, with a fresh new clean user interface, which we’re sure you’ll love! Curious? Download our latest update and see for yourself!


We’re looking forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions for future updates. Thank you for your support.

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