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White Label SEO Reporting Tool

Since our recent update v4.2, you can now download, print and email white label branded SEO Reports. Our reports come with full rights to resell to your clients, or anyone else you wish to include. The average marketing company sells these reports for as much as 150 dollars per report, making ours a relative bargain. […]


On-Page SEO Checklist 2015

The on-page SEO checklist has been specifically designed for our new SEO scan tool. With this tool you can check the SEO score for your website and make improvements where needed based on the advice that the tool generates. The tool focuses primarily on the layout and structure of your website. Points are included for […]


iWebmaster Tools 4.0 is Out Now!

You spoke, and we listened. Thanks to your detailed reviews, we’ve added some great new features to iWebmaster Tools 4.0. As requested, you can now save domains within the app and use them on all tools, without typing them in again. And, we’ve also added the option to save SEO reports in PDF format, which you […]


SEO Tips: Get more visitors to your website

The SEO process starts with the building process and site structure of a website. Below are some SEO tips that you can apply to your website to get immediately better results. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a term used by webmasters. By applying SEO to your website you can make sure to […]