How To Increase More Sales With Your Webshop

increase webshop sales

How To Increase More Sales With Your Webshop

Your webshop has been online for a few weeks or months now, it is fully stocked with products, you get quite a few visitors, and it is ranking well in Google. But up until now your visitors have not really converted to sales. So why is this?

Often times making small changes in your webshop can help to convert your visitors to actual buyers. Your conversions actually start from a simple query into a search engine. When visitors are looking to purchase a product online they usually look at a number of things in Google to make their decisions. One thing that visitors look at is the actual design of the websites they visit. If the site looks professional then they will feel more confident in making a purchase there.

Similarly, visitors will look at the prices of the products and read the reviews about the products from various websites. Usually when a visitor goes online to look at products they have some kind of idea about the price they are willing to pay for a product. They are usually online looking to compare prices and find favorable reviews. When a visitor comes to your page to compare prices as described, you can assume that visitor is an actual buyer. You can say that it is the shop owners move to make the sale by giving the visitor what they want. Below are some tips to help convert visitors to actual buyers.

Trust Seals and Reliability for Webshop Owners

You need to make sure that your site is advertised as a trusted site and post the seals on your page so that they are visible. When people see that your site is a trusted site they have more confidence in making a purchase.

Product Reviews

Favorable product reviews make customers feel confident in the products they are interested in. Currently there is a CMS plugin that you can easily integrate into your website that will populate the shop with reviews. Many times this plugin will populate the site with little snippets of favorable reviews causing the search engines to favor the site.

Social Media Buttons, Like vs Recommend

You see social media buttons almost everywhere. They allow you to share certain pages and like them on various social media sites. Facebook has developed a button that works better to recommend products and pages to your friends and family. Based on different online marketing case studies, a recommended product sells better than a product that simply has Facebook likes. This new recommend button also displays which of your friends recommends the product.

Track and Trace

When you ship your products through TNT or DHL, you have the ability to track and trace the shipments by using the shipping company’s website. Make sure that your potential customers know that they will be given the tracking number so that they may track their packages as well.

Next Day Shipping

Today, all major online vendors offer next day shipping. Online shoppers prefer not to wait 3 to 5 days for deliveries when they make a purchase. If this is something that you can offer, be clear about it on your site. Make sure potential customers are well aware that it is offered.

Online Customer Service

When a customer makes a purchase in a store, there is usually a salesman right there to provide service to the customer. When you are selling online, you need to make sure that the customer can also get customer service right away. Through the use of a chat feature on you product page, if you have it as a popup located at the bottom of the page, you can easily triple your sales.

Newsletter and Discount Coupons

A newsletter encourages repeat visitors. You can use it to offer discounted products to customers. However, no one is going to simply sign up to receive a newsletter because nobody wants to receive more advertisements in their inbox. If you offer a free incentive you can get more people to sign up for the newsletter. The incentive may be discount codes that are only available in the newsletter. If the discounts are only good at your shop this creates a win-win situation. When the customer signs up for the newsletter they are more likely to purchase using the discount. Make sure to offer the newsletter and discounts on all of the sites pages.

Furthermore, it is important that your site looks professional. With professional looking product pages that only display products it can prevent customers from clicking away. If you apply these tips to your site and see an increase in sales, we would love to her about it. Feel free to leave comments below to tell us about your success.

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