SEO Tips: Get more visitors to your website


SEO Tips: Get more visitors to your website

The SEO process starts with the building process and site structure of a website. Below are some SEO tips that you can apply to your website to get immediately better results.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a term used by webmasters. By applying SEO to your website you can make sure to score higher in the search engines including Google.

Site Structure

You can ensure that the search engines web bots can access your site by not using too much Java script on your site. A useful tool to help with this is Googles Webmaster Tools. By using these tools you can see the problem area on your site and how best to change or prevent these types of mistakes.


You can make your website SEO optimized by using H1, H2, H3, Alt and Title tags. Be careful to Only use these in the last two tags and primarily on your images.

Website Speed

Google takes note of the loading speed of your site and it affects your sites rankings in the SERP’s. Check the loading speed of your website as well as check the time it takes for your images and scripts to load. Make sure to that you change them to load quickly.


You hear it all the time, content is king. Content should be written to score higher in the search engines. Articles with about 400 to 600 words is more than enough. Make sure that your keyword density is about 4% to 8% of your entire content. Make sure to give synonyms and related terms an H3 tag and bold the important keywords. You always want to make sure that your content is unique.

Decrease the Bounce Rate

The bounce rate of your site is important to help you get a better position in Google. Therefore it is important to lower the bounce rate for all entry pages. You can read tips on how to lower your bounce rate in the following article: Tips to reduce your bounce rate for better rankings.

Link Building

You should collect dofollow backlinks to your website with a keyword as the anchor text. The anchor text should also appear in the title, description, meta tags and content of your website. However, you need to be careful not to collect backlinks by using a so-called link farms, these are often tools or SEO companies that promise to get you hundreds of backlinks within a certain amount of time. Google sees these links as spam links, in the short term they may benefit your site, but long term they could hurt it or even get your site banned from search engines.

Rich Snippets

You’ve probably heard of Rich Snippets. These are pieces of code that you can add to add multiple values to a link which will appear in the search results. Thus more data to a web page that allows you to display the search results in Google, as below the image. Want to know how to apply these snippets to a review of an author picture on your website? See: Google Rich Snippets (Structured Data)

Social Media

Make use of social media buttons on your website and invite your visitors to use them to share your articles if they feel like it. These backlinks are after all important to Google.

SEO Check

If you apply these tips to your website, then you can check them via our SEO Scan App. The tool also shows what areas of your website score lower and what you can do about that.

Last but not least, it is important to keep up to date, you may not have to update it every day, but it may have an effect on your website if it goes for a few months. It’s also not a good thing for your visitors if you don’t post new content for a while.

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  • great information on how to structure a website for proper Seo on the search engines: this is so important when building a website and many people miss this portion when building a site.

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